Razzle Dazzle / What am I still waiting for: Stas Bags

23 December 2016 - 18 February 2017

To the same extent that a person projects himself and his body into the world around him, the world is projected in the person himself. The human body is at the same time a metaphor of the world as a specific and peculiar principle of interaction that connects its most diverse parts into a whole that can be identified as this very "world"


Stas Bags, artist

The exhibition "Razzle-Dazzle" is a personal project of the artist Stas Bags, created together with the group of artists "Videokaffe".


The term Razzle-Dazzle means noise that distracts from the main thing. Initially, the word denoted the military camouflage of naval ships during the First World War. The striking abstract pattern of black and white stripes gave a powerful impetus to artistic thought.


 The main themes of the exhibition are time, the question of future and present, the internal dialogue with yourself, your own camouflage and imitation of others. Stas Bags creates designs of the opposites, which are impossible without each other: life - death, black - white, warm - cold, and so on. He puts together incongruous objects, such as body parts and household items, raising the question of human nature.


The exhibition consists of two parts: large canvas paintings, almost sterile, abstract, which interact with warm silicone sculptures, and on the second floor of the gallery there is a kinetic installation, made from metal rods.