EVCFE / "...And the Word was made flesh": Pavel Brat

23 September - 12 November 2016

For the experiments, I created pieces of flesh, which I made from thin paper sheets collected in a binding and sealed with bright red covers. My test subjects became books that I made myself

Pavel Brat, artist

Exhibition EVCFE / "...And the Word was made flesh ..." is a personal project by the artist Pavel Brat, in which the viewer finds himself in an art laboratory for transforming the inanimate into living, reminiscent of traditional alchemical practices.


 In his previous works the artist experimented with collages; he created a three-dimensional relief from glossy magazine pages, making allusions to the iconography, religion and cultural history. Now he turns to working with objects. The artist creates abstract shapes from sheets of paper, reminding images of the flora and fauna worlds, and covers them by mortar.


The quote from the Gospel of John, which gave the name to the whole exhibition, is not a call to look for hidden religious meanings in the objects, but rather, a literal description of what the spectator sees in front of them: the books, created by the artist, become unique artifacts, mythical creatures.