Three Exhibitions: Yuri Alexandrov

31 March - 16 April 2016

During the transition from exhibition to exhibition, the viewer for the first time is given the opportunity to feel the inseparability and non-fusion of three sources and three components of the phenomenon called the Leningrad School


Yuri Alexandrov, curator and artist

"Three Exhibitions" is a personal project of the artist Yuri Alexandrov, in which he makes up two more companions, but he is the sole author of all works.


The project includes three exhibitions:


1. Exhibition of Jury Alexandrov is called "Untitled": the paintings, comprising the exhibition do not have names, since these names are themselves.

2. The abbreviation "XXX" in the title of the exhibition of K. Moloch, by contrast, refers not to the popular designation of pornography, but to the word "hackwork", multiplied by three, referring to the number of exhibitions.

3. The most honest is the title of the exhibition of I. Goldenshlyuger, "Class B Waste", as the thirty-three drawings, comprising the exposition, are made of colored paper waste.


Such myth-making is associated with a conceptual tradition that is unique for St. Petersburg, when there is an artist and there is his alterego. Obviously, each of the "authors" will present something of their own, but all this will be connected with the life of the harsh Chukotka, illustrations of which Aleksandrov devoted his youth in the publishing house "Prosveshchenie".