Partial losses: Alexander Dashevskiy

17 May - 20 June 2013

In his new project ‘Partial losses’ Dashevsky transforms constructivist principles. The pictures are created by  animating certain elements and creating a particular rhythm.These elements are fragments of a picture, as though cut from it, and they are turned into three-dimensional objects. The images are tautological. There is a post box, a fan,and fluorescent lamps; commensurable in size with their prototypes, they enter three-dimensional space... The fragments become reliquaries, which preserve the past – relics of modernism... The image, created by the artist from the three-dimensional fragments of subject world and spatial gulf between them, manifests the instability of our existence, the lost data and lack of self-confidence. Dashevsky calls it“a picture of the world at the moment of its collapse”. It is industrial art, which creates objects embodying a social relationship. However, those industrial objects once praised in the epoch of functionalism have now fallen out of the context of the obsolete myth about social justice and the victory of the rational.

Olesya Turkina, exhibition curator