it's complicated: Rostan Tavasiev

14 March - 30 April 2013

«все сложно» — это не просто новый проект художника, но в том числе и социальный эксперимент по внедрению искусства в виртуальную реальность» 


Александр Дашевский, художник, куратор

Rostan Tavasiev in this new project makes a transition to virtual reality. We are asked to imagine that the motionless, speechless works of art are actually living entities with a very intense inner life ordinarily concealed from spectators... The exhibits anxiously await the closing date of their exhibition and obsess about their prospects for the future, attentively read press reviews and feel joy or indignation, trying to guess how the critics’ verdict will affect their fate... All of this complex and stressful life of the work of art is put on social media. Each of the seven characters (corresponding to the number of colours in the spectrum) has a page on Facebook, and some of them — the most sociable —on other social networks, too.There they converse with one another, discuss their own artistic merits or failings (or moregeneral themes) and make friends with all kinds of people who show an interest in art.

Anna Zaitseva