Like that: Konstantin Simun, Kirill Khrustalev

1 - 9 March 2013

Both artists Konstantin Simun and Kirill Khrustalev preach about love for simple things, the observation of which can lead to remarkable discoveries... Both Simun and Khrustalyov approach their subjectwith humour. This comes out in the witty juxtapositions of objects and names andthe paradoxical association of objects that are entirely alien to one another. Usualobjects are transformed due to their rapprochement with the other, be it an object or aconception. This triggers the associative mechanisms of the mind...

Gleb Ershov

Konstantin Simun (born 1934) is a sculptor, an artist, a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR. In 1966 he creates the blockade memorial, which brought him international recognition. Since 1988 the sculptor has been living in the USA. 

Kirill Hrustalev (born 1971) is a St. Petersburg artist, philosopher and art critic. The author of the conceptual objects, made from very simple common things. For a long time he made the objects only for himself; according to his words, the images came spontaneously. St.Petersburg public first saw the artist’s works in spring of 2012 in Navicula Artis gallery.