Crash: Stas Bugs

25 September - 26 October 2012

In the begining of a new season the Anna Nova gallery presents a second personal exhibition of a young Saint Petersburg artist Stas Bugs.
According to the author’s design, the minimum information is given about the exhibition. he project ‘Collapse’ is very personal and any comment is superfluous. The project is the artist’s first experience of working with wood.  

"Crash" occupies two floors of the gallery. Everything is straightforward; there is the lower world inhabited by ghosts, and the upper world where human life unfolds. In the "lower world" human figures, wrapped in cloth, look out from the walls. The cloth simultaneously conceals the outlines and becomes a part of them ... At the top lie two wooden figures, one on a surgical table, the second on a hospital gurney. Between them is a door, clearly from a hospital. "The medical theme is linked to my childhood”, says Bags. “My mother worked as a surgical nurse, I always played with instruments and glass containers ... With regard to the doors — they are in my installation work as symbols. The screen doors divide the characters but the audience can walk around them. I wanted to talk about a situation of conflict, of a difficult choice, when there is a barrier between us. On the one hand it seems it is enough to open the door and find a way out, but we prefer to turn away or walk around it. "
Anna Matveeva, 
TimeOut Petersburg, September 26, 2012