Young korean artist: Ahn Jun, Lim Woo Jae

28 - 30 June 2012

Anna Nova Gallery together with Keumsan Gallery, which is one of the leading korean galleries, presents paired exhibition of young artists Ahn Jun and Lim Woo Jae that are known to be the leading korean photographs of the new age that have already achieved a success on the western as well as on the asian art market.


The artistic thinking of contemporary Korean authors is focused on the acute problems and questions of modern times. The main theme of the exhibition – the metropolis and the person – deals with just these issues. The authors build their own strategies for the relationship of the individual and the modern Babylon...

"SelfPortrait" by Ahn Jun is on the edge, on the border of the world and the void, of life and death. Returning to adolescent fantasies about suicide, she plays out this dangerous desire that comes at the time of realization of passing youth, loss of meaning or the realisation that life is short and vulnerable ... There is in this story something cinematic, from Asian psychological horror films, populated with ghostly white heroines with a growing wing of black hair ..."I investigate fear, pleasure, and stress in this situation. The hidden desire to meet with reality only for a very brief moment, and photography can capture the moment for what it is ", — says Ahn Jun.

Artem Magalashvili