14 April 2011 - 7 May 2014

Ностальгия — излюбленная тема Надежды Анфаловой, а излюбленный инструмент — повседневность. В повседневности она находит трогательные кусочки прошлого и заставляет зрителя вспоминать, причем вспоминать именно свой, интимный опыт... 


Анна Матвеева, арт-критик

A well-known rocket-slide, welded from iron rods, which until recently used to be an omnipresent attribute of children playgrounds, quite miraculously made it to the Moon. Now this beautiful island, embodying the last Soviet generation’s dream of cosmic adventures, lies alone in an alien desert. A miracle happened, but people now have lost interest – the forgotten attraction is rusting away in the outskirts of the universe... Nadezda Anfalova’s ‘Spaceport’ strikes chords with those souls who spent their childhood in these ‘temples’ that were once areas of incredible liberty.

Andrey Khlobystin, text for the exhibition


Nostalgia is a favorite theme of Nadezhda Anfalova and her favorite tool is the quotidien. In the everyday she finds pieces of the past and makes the viewer remember, and remember in terms of close personal experience ... Restraint and conciseness help Anfalova avoidt earful pathos in the spirit of "school days are the best years of your life" or the sentiment of "the country we have lost ". The posthumous journey of its rocket to a moon that was never conquered, evokes mild sympathy more than anything. And complicity ...

Anna Matveeva, 23 April 2011