French Touch - Touche Americaine

21 December 2010 - 15 January 2011

The term The French Touch - "French Touch" - taken to mean the influence of French culture in the world, but he got on the spread of English - the language of international communication. Created by analogy French expression La Touche Americaine - "American touch" - describes the process that takes place in the reverse direction, the influence of American culture on France.

French Sofia Petipa for a long time lived in America. The tragic events of 11 September were for her emotional turmoil and turned the prevailing ideas about the world. This change has become the main theme in her work. Randomly found in the street the old flag helped find the actual implementation of the idea. Sophie Petipa collects old, end-of-service flags and gives them a second life in the arts. Given the special role of the flag in the daily ritual of American life, this gesture borders on blasphemy. The American tradition prescribes worn banners are not thrown away but respectfully dispose of, for example, in the fire, but certainly not in public. Sofia has offered an alternative by itself is an artistic act.

Artem Magalashvilli