Nestor Engelke takes part in the 'Natur Retour' in Germany

Nestor Engelke, whose works are presented at the Anna Nova Gallery, takes part in the exhibition which is held in the context of the festival ‘Retour Natur’ in Germany.


‘A climate change evoked by industrialization and capitalist production and lifestyle, a nature changed by man also changes our view of this nature. The exhibition, which arose, among other things, from the study of Chekhov's ‘Uncle Vanya’, attempts to illuminate the new perspective on time and history that arises through this new definition of nature’, says the curator of the exhibition Philipp Preuss.


Nestor Engelke presents 3 works at the exhibition: Wooden Portrait, Wooden Cassette and Wooden Boombox.⠀


The exhibition dates: 13.08 - 01.09.2021.


Location: Theater an der Ruhr Mülheim, Raffelbergpark, Germany.

August 13, 2021
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