Irina Drozd takes part in an exhibition of contemporary Russian artists in Hungary

The exhibition ‘The Day After’ opened at the Miscolci Gallery with the exhibiting artists Irina Drozd, Irina Annina, Ilya Gaponov, Ivan Plusch, Dmitry Shorin, Olga Tobreluts.


The exhibition reflects on the basic idea of what humanity can bring with it if it leaves Earth and establishes a new existence on another planet. What memories, life situations, feelings, and material or transcendent questions about human existence are what live in us even when we break away from the life-giving Earth by overcoming gravity? What cultural and existential clues are what can predestine the formation of a new living space on another heavenly body.


Curator of the exhibition is Ábel Kónya.


The exhibition is on view until 26 September at Herman Ottó Museum – Miskolc Gallery, Hungary.

August 14, 2021
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