A new work by Mayana Nasybullova is on view in Apatity

The artist made it during her trip to the Radiance Center for Contemporary Art residence

In August Mayana Nasybullova went to the Radiance Center for Contemporary Art residence in Apatity.


‘Upon my arrival to Apatity I was walking around and found a huge metal structure near abandoned unfinished dormitory. In the Soviet times it used to be an information stand, but now it has become a derelict, rusty thing with sawed-off edges. I saw a great artistic potential in it', the artist says.


With the idea of making an artistic intervention in the courtyard space, Mayana asked the Centre's team for help. As a result she created an abstract painting based on aurora, with a quote from a poem by the key representative of the 'Siberian underground' Yegor Letov.

August 19, 2022
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