Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art announced the winners of their annual programs.

Their Artist of the Year program is aimed to finance new works by contemporary artists. The Expert Committee with its composition changing every year brings forward the artists that they think are the brightest. However, the final decision is made by the Supervisory Board of Cosmoscow.

The winning artist gets a chance to implement his or her new project that will also be showcased at Cosmoscow Fair. Moreover, this work will be used to design the visual brand style of the event.

In 2024, the Expert Committee is participated by Vasily Tsereteli, Nailya Allakhverdieyeva, Mikhail Tsarevyev, Mikhail Levin, and Anastasia Kamenskaya.

‘I was really surprised that they chose me as the artist of the year for Cosmoscow 2024,’ Alexandra Gart says. ‘This is an odd feeling – joy, astonishment, and big responsibility at once. I’ve always been an artist balancing on the edge of underground. That’s why interest and recognition from such a large professional institution is especially flattering. I am really grateful to Cosmoscow’s team, as well as their Expert Committee and Supervisory Board for choosing me.’

May 30, 2024
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