Haim Sokol at the "BACK TO FRONT" exhibition of the MMOMA Educational Center

Notice Board (2014), the work of Haim Sokol, is presented at the BACK TO FRONT exhibition of the MMOMA Educational Center.

The artist can pick out a history behind things like this old noticeboard that is totally inconspicuous and uncomely at first glance. The artist takes role of an archivist and restorer by keeping and bringing together "shards, snippets and pieces" of human everyday life.

The BACK TO FRONT project introduces the viewers to things that are usually hidden from their eyes such as the reverse side of an artwork and "behind the scenes" life of the museum collection. The exhibition showcases unconventional exhibiting solutions and different methods. 

Works on display fall into several thematic sections, including Biography of Painting, Laboratory of Artist and others. The work of Haim Sokol is presented in the final section Metaphysics of Everyday Life, which presents works selected on the basis of their reversal or backside aesthetics.

The exhibition runs through April 11, 2021.

January 22, 2021
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