Vlad Kulkov’s exhibition “Hydromorphs” in Kronstadt

On March 28, the exhibition Hydromorphs by Vlad Kulkov opened in the Italian Palace, museum and exhibition center in Kronstadt.


The term "hydromorphs" was proposed by art critic Dmitry Ozerkov as a definition of objects based on plastic characteristics. These are forms obtained by the contact of various substances and elements.


The process of creating sculptures is an artistic experiment, similar to ritual practices. The artist abandoned modeling and the mechanics of touch. The molten wax was immersed in water, forming a kind of ornaments and reliefs. The models obtained in this way have undergone transformation into castings made of compounds of various metals, mainly bronze.


The exhibition is part of the Hermetage Archive art-project which is presented in the Italian Palace in Kronstadt, organized by the National Cencer of Contemporary Art in Saint Petersburg (NCCA St Petersburg) and Kronstadt Fortress, the branch of the Central Naval Museum.


The exhibition is on view from 28.03.21 - 25.04.21in the Italian Palace, Kronstadt.

March 28, 2021
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