Cosmoscow 2021: Moscow, Russia

18 - 20 September 2021 

Anna Nova Gallery presents Booth B5, an artistic duo of Andrey Kuzkin and Mayana Nasybullova. Both artists work with performance, sculpture, installation, painting and graphics.

The exposition at the Booth comprises two parts. Part 1 presents a correlation between Mayana’s ceramics and Andrey’s paintings created in collaboration with his son Osip. Both projects are performative in their own way – this is how the artists turn to the historic memories. Andrey’s art seems to show things under the ground – bones and relics, and traces of fights. Mayana’s sculptures resemble artefacts of the past and sacred attributes. The artists merge their private feelings with history and geological time. 

The second part presents a graphic study with the artists’ drawings. In fact, drawing is one of the most intimate and representative artistic experiences. Here, the audience can see Mayana’s graphic series (Malysh, I always smile to everybody etc.) and Andrey’s graphics, too (Drawings from Wigwam, Emotional Number Perception Theory etc.).