I don’t know what is philosophy, and I don’t know what is Art. From the very first step, I was sure that all people are artists. Only many of us are asleep

Boris Koschelohov is a living legend of Leningrad nonconformism, a teacher of Timur Novikov and Elena Figuelina. Founder of the art group Chronicle


Boris works with painting, graphics and wooden sculpture. According to his own estimation, his whole life is a dialogue with others, starting from the fellow students of the Medical Institute, and ending with artists of Chronicles or inhabitants of smoking Russian National Library. Dialogue is also played out in his artistic practice, which can be seen as active communication with artists and schools of the past. In general, Koschelov’s works are related to the Art Brute tradition or naive art, which clearly refers to the immediacy of children’s drawings


His exhibitions were shown in institutions such as the Museum of Nonconformist Art, New Museum in Saint-Petersburg, Central Exibition Hall Manege, Anna Nova Gallery. Koschelov’s works are in the collections of the State Russian Museum, the Museum of Nonconformist Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta, the Center of Contemporary Art MARS, the State Museum of Nuremberg.