Haim Sokol b. 1973

Lives and works in Moscow and Jerusalem.



2007 Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

2004 Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Master, Israel

1996 Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Bachelor, Israel



2021 Transformation as a Form of Resistance, Anna Nova Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 

2019 In some case I become them and they become me, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2018 Testimony, Moscow museum of Modern art, Moscow, Russia

2017 Our coming on earth was expected, Anna Nova Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2017 Paper memory, CCI Fabrika, Moscow, Russia

2016 MASPPRO, Pechersky Gallery, CCA Winzavod, Moscow, Russia

2014 Spartacus. Time New Romans, Center of Creative Industries Fabrika, Moscow, Russia

2014 About history, Anna Nova gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2014 Gate for Messi, Pechersky Gallery, Moscow, Russia 

2013 Premonition, Rendom Gallery, Moscow, Russia 

2012 Ambivalence, Anna Nova Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 

2011 Natural exchange, CCI Fabrica, Moscow, Russia 

2011 Witness, M&J Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia 

2011 Video only, Zverev Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

2010 Myopia, Anna Nova Gallery, S. Petersburg, Russia 

2010 Dead letter mail, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia 

2009 Punctum, EK. Art-Bureau Gallery, Moscow, Russia 

2009 Curriculum Vitae, Art-Strelka Projects Gallery, Moscow, Russia 

2009 Palimpsests, Green Art Gallery, Perm, Russia 

2008 Earth (together with A. Kuzkin), Stella Art Foundation, Moscow, Russia 

2008 Cryptomnesia. Relapse, Art-Strelka Projects Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2005 Memories about memories, Small Room Gallery, Elul, Jerusalem, Israel



2020 Generation XXI. Gift of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2019  A very important message. New archive of multiples, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2018 Places: One After Another, the main event of the session IV of Viktor Misiano The Human Condition, Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Moscow, Russia

2018 Art of 2000s, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2016 Meanwhile, what about socialism?, AV Festival, Newcastle, UK 

2016 School of Kyiv. Department Vienna, Vienna, Austria

2016 Russian Contemporary: Drawing. No Limits, Pushkin House, London

2015 Balagan. Contemporary Art from the Former Soviet Union and other mythical places, Kuhlhaus, Berlin, Germany 

2015 Kiev, Moscow and Beyond - 20 Years of Springerin, Depo Istanbul, Turkey 

2015 The School of Kyiv. 2nd Kyiv Biennial, Kyiv, Ukraine 

2015 Some say you can find happiness there, Centre of Visual Culture, Kyiv, Ukraine 

2015 Tales of two cities, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia, The Jewish Museum of Vienna, Austria 

2015 Art object, NCCA, Moscow, Russia

2015 We must cultivate our garden, Anna Nova Gallery, St.-Petersburg, Russia

2014 About Violence, CCI Fabrika, Moscow, Russia

2014 Lockout, Center of visual culture, Kiev, Ukraine

2014 Performance in Russia. Cartography of History, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia 

2014 Actual drawing, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2014 Do it, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia 

2014 Les Rencontres Internationales, Gaîté Lyrique and Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

2013 MUSEUM OF MODERN ART. DEPARTMENT OF WORK AND EMPLOYMENT, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2013 Russia XXI. Contemporary Russian Sculpture, Museum Beelden aan Zee, The Hague, Holland 

2013 Special selection of Now&After URBAN PROCESSES RU, [.BOX], Milan, Italy 

2013 Kino-foto-ludogus, NCCA, Moscow, Russia 

2013 Life as a Form (Nomadic Version), Creative Time-CTI "Fabrika", Moscow, Russia

2012 Kochi-Muziris Biennalle, India 

2012 I am who I am, Kunst Tunnel, Dusseldorf, Germany 

2012 The Russian Art Show, 22 Calvert Gallery, London, England

2011 Rodina, PERMM, Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, Russia

2011 Cleanliness and Spaces, Galerie ArtPoint, Vienna, Austria 

2011 Auditorium Moscow, IV Moscow biennale, Moscow, Russia 

2011 In Depth, IX Krasnoyarsk museum biennale, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

2010 Erased walls, Mediations Biennale, Poznan, Poland  

2010 I Biennale of Graphics, PERMM, Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, Russia 

2010 Lesson of History, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France 

2010 Russian utopias, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

2009 Against exclusion, Garage Center for Contеmporary Culture, III Moscow Biennale, Moscow, Russia 

2009 II Biennale of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece 

2009 European Atelier: sharing a cultural space, Central Artists House, Moscow, Russia 

2009 Past Future Perfect, 22 Calvert Gallery, London, England

2009 Soup made of stone, Atelier №2 Gallery, Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod, Moscow, Russia

2008 Russian dreams, Bass Museum of Art, Miami, USA 

2008 Lost & found, The New Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel 

2008 1st Biennale for Young Art, Moscow, Russia

2008 @60.artisrael.world, Judah L. Magnes Museum, Berkley, California, USA

2007 Space, International Exhibition of Young Artists, MMOMA, Moscow, Russia

2006 Breathing Memory, Limbus Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2006 New members, Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel



2013 Honorary Mention for the film I am Spartacus (2011), Tomorrow\Zavtra, Annual International Festival of Independent Cinema, Moscow, Russia 

2009 The New Generation special prize at the Annual Russian National Award for Contemporary Visual Arts Innovation



2011 Artists in residence program by Kulturkontakt, Vienna, Austria

2012 Tomorrow\Zavtra, Annual International Festival of Independent Cinema, Moscow, Russia 

2012 Now&After, International Video Art Festival, Moscow, Russia