9 October - 13 December 2021

Anna Nova Gallery and Third Place creative space are pleased to present a solo exhibition by Haim Sokol – Transformation as a Form of Resistance. The exhibition will be held  at two venues simultaneously: in the Gallery and in the former Lopukhins-Naryshkins mansion, where Third Place space is located. 

This project explores the ideas of transmutations and borderline states – between human and animal, female and male, animate and inanimate, homely and creepy, past and present. Sokol speaks not about biological or psychological transformations, but more about the poetic ones –  transformation as a metaphor or an allegory.The artist's prolific output in the field of culture has resulted in a variety of its manifestations like poetry, ideology, and mythology. On the one hand, the artistic images are inspired by political philosophy, and on the other – by a fairy tale. 

The exhibition features painting, installations, video, and graphics.

In the new series of works,  Sokol uses various materials from dirty rags to carpets and mattresses. In doing so, he creates a game of metamorphoses. Textiles become flags with mysterious heraldry, carpets transform into  a magic forest inhabited by birds, humans and animals.

To purchase tickets please visit Timepad.

Sites addresses:
Anna Nova Gallery (28 Zhukovskogo St.)
Third Place Cultural Space (62 Liteiny Ave.)


From 8 to 27 November the exhibition is on view only at the Anna Nova Gallery

Wednesday - Monday, 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Tuesday - day off