15 June - 18 September 2022

Inner Landscape Membranes — is a solo exhibition by Dmitry Kawarga, a well-known Moscow-based artist. For a long time, Dmitry has been referring to the topics of apocalypse and wreckage of the world  as if foreboding the on-coming changes. Today, when the very concept of global order is collapsing, Kawarga suggests that we should reflect on our roots by means of introspection.


The artist believes that the natural landscape is a place where memories and history are stored. Fleeing from the city and setting out on a travel across woods and fields of the North, Kawarga projects his inner data formations to the natural sceneries. 'Endless flames of events, the historical epos and stories of people’s everyday life, images of writers and scientists, tragic stories about particular people and entire generations, victims of wars, revolutions, and repressions, sophisticated mechanisms and childhood dreams  all of these seem to be filled in a unique glimmering multidimensionality that my eyes can see', the artist explains.


The project is a story about the fusion of cultural and natural matters. It’s the synthesis that the artist uses to decode our civilization’s origins, enciphered in the environment, whether in bends and curves of fallen trees’ roots or in the calmness of Russian wetlands. Cultural knowledge falls onto the environment, thus creating exterior and inner landscape.


The exposition includes paintings from the new cycle  Inner Landscape Membranes. The artist presents the conventional concept of landscape paintings in it, cutting through the canvases and inhabiting them with recognizable Kawargian matters, inner landscape inserts. The works feature a genre combination  they are no longer paintings and yet they are not sculptures yet. They are more like materialized fragments of the artist’s mental processes, impressions and shatters of his take on the world. The centerpiece of the exhibition is the 7-meters-high Deep Matter installation that refers to the Earth’s interior and represents all the vanity of human ambitions, which tend to assume the cyclical form of creation and destruction.


You can purchase the ticket via Timepad or on site at the gallery.