Ants never sleep: Vlad Kulkov

21 September - 3 November 2018

Not so long ago, approaching the categorization of the unknown, having spent at least three sleepless days in the studio, to the question: When will you sleep? ..... I had the opportunity to answer with the following fact that Ants never sleep


Vlad Kulkov, artist

The exhibition Ants Never Sleep is a personal project of the artist Vlad Kulkov, in which viewers will see a new series of paintings, made in his signature style of biomorphic abstraction. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that on the canvases, by the creative will of the author, not alien to psychedelic wanderings and oneiric experiments, are captured strange natural formations, chaos and natural phenomena, often becoming breakthroughs into timeless metaphysical spaces.


Ants never sleep - the phrase, that was imprinted in the mind of the artist, as one of the first screensavers of the scientific and educational broadcast of the Russian television channel Discovery. In his exhibition project, the ant figure gets a new dimension: it appears before the viewer as a kind of fundamental principle, the smallest particle of synthesis.