Petr Shvetsov: Petr Shvetsov

25 November - 17 December 2016

In the exhibition "Petr Shvetsov" the author expelled the title, the curator and his text


Alexander Dashevskiy, artist

The exhibition "Petr Shvetsov" is a personal project of the artist Petr Shvetsov, in which he, rejecting the curatorial conceptual pathos, simply exhibits his works made in the genre of landscape.


In his new project for Anna Nova gallery he returns to graphics since quite a long time.Some of the works presented at the exhibition were created in the US state of Vermont, where the artist spends every summer, the second part - in Russia. However, the main theme of the exhibition is based not only on geography, but on the subject of time, the connection of traditional and modern. The artist is having a discussion with well-known Dutch artists of the XVII century, but at the same time he does not create calming paintings but disturbing, gloomy ones, in the spirit of the German Expressionists.