The Fallen and the dropped out

22 April - 23 June 2016

This exhibition is not only about the baroque imaginary of all that exists, although all the heroes embody the very life that is a dream — Dashevskiy tells about instability and uncertainty


Pavel Gerasimenko, art critic

Exhibition "The Fallen and the dropped out" - a personal project of the artist Alexander Dashevskiy. The project's preparation has taken two years and it continues the line started by the artist in the previous project "Partial losses".


Alexander Dashevskiy explores the resources of painting, assuming that the state of turbulence of the modern world opens up new possibilities for this medium. He believes that the experience of unjustified expectations and multilevel distrust of the outside world is the core of the current historical moment. The instability of reality, political, as well as economical and psychological, turns the format of the works inside out.


The author develops a special type of destabilized paintings in the project "The Fallen and the dropped out": he creates complex irregular canvases, splits them into separate pieces, makes collages out of the images' fragments, different in texture and technology, outputs art into three-dimensional space.


The heroes of this kaleidoscopic decaying world are urban dwellers, which have stood idle. Someone is lying huddled on the floor in the bathroom, others wander meaninglessly in the pavilion, reminiscent of the late Soviet gigantic facilities, others lay on cots under the dome of the Pantheon, plunging into a collective hallucination with visions of immortal classics and unconventional values. Characters show different ways of responding to social upheavals. He organizes a tautological art space: the format of works which he invented and the state of his characters become reserved to each other. This circularity becomes a metaphor for the feeling of hopelessness in the situation of frustration and unpredictable mutation of symbolic coordinates.