The Battle of People against Artefacts: Yuri Alexandrov

17 - 21 February 2015

"Graphic series is not a very popular genre, and, to be honest, it tends to be rather boring. It’s hardly possible to combine thoughtful examination of eighty sequential pictures with reading eighty inscriptions and at the same time trying to understand how they relate to one another. And would it even be worth it? Moreover, even if someone tried to be thoughtful, it wouldn’t really help – the brain is resting here. Of course, there were masters: Giovanni Piranesi (on prisons), Boris Prorokov ( ‘Here is America!’), but they had other themes – attractive, evergreen, understandable without any accompanying text; and ‘the artefacts’ are something from archeology, about the end of the world or the beginning of a new brave one."

Yuri Alexandrov