Present indefinite: Ilya Seletsky

29 June - 18 September 2013

At the end of June in the frames of action «Contemporary Art Night» Anna Nova gallery will present personal project by young artist Ilya Seletsky from Saint-Petersburg «Present Indefinite». The artist was chosen by gallery among many applications for 4th Young Artists Competition «New Projects for Anna Nova».


«A man usualy tries to define his place, not only geographicaly but globaly, tries to find the place in reality, world's order. From this point derives a permanent search for the meaning of life. The way which was doomed for collapse but put into human nature. The world, outside and inside, couldn't be controled. The destiny, accident, feeling of «something unexpectable», all the mess of mentality and the sense of self and, in addition, the obscurity of what to do with all of that.  Sometimes every man finds himself thinking about it.. That is what the project is about. Title of verb in Eglish grammar «Present Indefinite» precisely conveys the issue.The fatal uncertainty. The man has trapped in the system which exists according to its own principles hidden for us. We can only catch some salient points of the process and it's possible to describe them by using categories from the theory of processes, cybernetic and physcoanalysis.  For that we should hold the moment at some essential point, analyse it and dissect accurately. The author built three models of virtual world caught at this exact point of existence. However mechanisms, algorithms and functions are just a tinsel where emotional experience and artistic reflection of the moment are hidden. The whole picture arises only with the act of synthesis when artist and viewer online turns on "creative mind".

Artem Magalashvilli