Rejection: Group "Soap" (Semen Motolyanets, Dmitry Petuhov)

11 May - 9 June 2012

Group "Soap" (Semen Motolyanets, Dmitry Petuhov), laureates of All-Russian Contemporary Art Competition "Innovation" 2009, participants of Ural Industrial Biennale and exhibition "Russian Povera" in Milan, are well-known in Saint-Petersburg. Artists haven't had any personal exhibition yet. All state institutions are usually afraid of any contacts with representatives of  Action Art and group "Soap" could be called the part of this direction. All their projects, performances suppose contact with the audience. Project  "Rejection" is transition stage from performance to objects made of soap (artists try to follow one direction). Laconism of the project is deceptive.  According to artists thoughts, the first part of the project has to involve the audience into state of Brezhnev epoch, Stagnation. Everything there is structed, inscribed into history of art, included into museum system.

Literally Rejection starts on the second floor. Performance, objects and video — everything is made in one style with sexplosion of colour  and at the same time reflects all levels of creative evolution of "Soap" group.



One of the main problems of actual art is excessive physiology. "Physiology" here means defined, strong and unpleasant emotion, which many works creat, so you can understand its' meaning but couldn't contact with them. Another site of actual art is sterility. When all close contacts are possible but they have no effect. So all works are full of pastose philosophy or it's distilled version.
Group "Soap" has unique for the audience of Saint-Petersburg talent to creat real philosophy in artistic gesture. Without any unnatural anguish, but with strong creative method. For many artists following one theme becomes a trap, the group "Soap" demostrates intresting form of ideas' integragion into one hook.

Project "Rejection" in the gallery "Anna Nova" could be described like museum system of elemental. The idea of such exposition, created according classical museum, seems so charmy that destroys any affectedness of retrospection.

Anna Buyvid