Once more about love

26 December 2008 - 31 January 2009

In the later works of Maslov various genres coexist; sensitivity (sensibilité), the sexual frenzy of Rococo and "Vosmiklassnitsa" by Tsoi; "Breakfast on the Grass", pastoralsand formations, Korzhev, "Cargo 200"; the gallant Crébillon fils Choderlos de Laclosand Levitan, Bilibin, Leningrad Region. "Recomposition" a full array of techniques and forms! It is a kind of fantasy to the tune of radiant retro-Soviet with a whole supermarket of associations. It is a summer glare where the present and the past shine through each other and then multiply into the elegantly twisting reckless pop art and the cold insanity of hyperrealism.

Andrei Khlobystin