Solo exhibition by Anna Andrzhievskaya opened at Triumph Gallery in Moscow

A solo exhibition of Anna Nova Gallery artist Anna Andrzhievskaya 'Heavenly Wasteland' opened at Triumph Gallery in Moscow!
Anna’s new project addresses the theme of direct encounter with oneself, face to face and with no hint of any self-deception or false illusions. Each character in these works is experiencing a catharsis brought on by a crisis of self-identity. This is undoubtedly painful since the reality can and is most likely to be far different from the comfortable identity imagined by our mind. It serves as a lifebuoy, or, according to the artist ‘this is like waking up at the wheel just before you careened off the road or collided with oncoming traffic’.
Anna allows the viewer to experience their own personal catharsis but with some anaesthesia, with some fruit soda instead of a bitter pill, with a cute kids’ band-aid to cover deep gaping wounds on the heart with.
Curators of the exhibition are Polina Mogilina and Anastasia Lebedeva.
The exhibition is on view till August 29th.
Photo courtesy of Triumph Gallery.
August 6, 2021
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