Haim Sokol participates in the exhibition ‘There Is No Truth’ at JART Gallery

The exhibition about the impossibility of objective perception of reality features the artist's work 'Golden Apples'

On April 29 JART Gallery with the support of Stone Hedge in collaboration with the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the HSE School of Design presented the group project ‘There Is No Truth' curated by contemporary art students Alexandra Syrenova and Sveta Kerro. The project is intended to demonstrate the impossibility of an objective perception of reality.


‘In this exhibition, instead of persistently directing the viewer to the conceived conclusion, we offer a non-standard, and sometimes uncomfortable, situation. Each work accompanied with several interpretations in order to expand the boundaries of possible meanings, introduced extraneous objects into the exhibition to blur the line between art and non-art, and created a confusing navigation system’, the curators say.


Anna Nova Gallery artist Haim Sokol participate in the project with his work ‘Golden Apples’. The exhibition is on view at the JART Gallery (Moscow, 3rd Yamsky Polya Street, 9, A115) until 26 May.


Photo: Maria Mizina, JART Gallery.

April 30, 2022
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