New projects by Egor Kraft and Dmitry Morozov at the General Staff Building

The Hermitage presented a new show Artificial Intelligence and Intercultural Dialogue at the General Staff Building that will be on view through July 7. The exhibitions features the new project Chinese Ink by Egor Kraft and the work Low Pressure Calculations by the finalist of Nova Art Contest Dmitry Morozov.


Chinese Ink refers to the technique of Chinese calligraphic writing with ink. The history and iconography of the traditional technique is not of the artist’s interest, he is aimed to examine the behavior of ink itself. Artificial Intelligence is trained on a dataset of thousands of ink stains and simulates this effect. This experiments are displayed on e-paper, a display made with a different technology than liquid crystal screens, and imitating the usual printing on paper. Interestingly, these displays are made in China, and China is a leader in the development and research in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

June 11, 2019
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