Artist Andrey Kuzkin took part in the 2nd triennale of Russian contemporary art

Artist Andrey Kuzkin presented an installation at the 2nd triennial of Russian contemporary art in the Garage museum.

The installation was created within three years and became a tribute to the tragic history of Russia. The process of working on the installation has become a performative practice. The figures that fill the installation represent “worshippers” and “heroes”. All of them are made manually from bread crumb which is a reference to Christian symbolism and the prison tradition of bread modeling.

The triennial 2020 is interesting because its curators delegated the choice of the artist to the participants of the first triennial, which was held in 2017. Connections between artists can be absolutely different whether they are friendly, loving, or casual. For example, Andrey Kuzkin was recommended by Andrey Monastyrsky. Their relations are described as “guru and a member of the sect”.


11.09.2020-17.01.2021 Garage museum.

September 11, 2020
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