Special guided tours of the Dimension Range exhibition with ::vtol::

Anna Nova Gallery offer a special guided tours with ::vtol:: to explore the Dimension Range exhibition. 


Dimension Range – this word play appeared while the artist was looking for the most comprehensive and poetic way to describe an array of images, methods, and subjects he uses in his work. Almost every of the works exhibited measures (dimensions) things – like itself, its environment, a meteorite’s temperature or human biological parameters. On other occasions, the dimension becomes an abstract kinetic or audio action, which to a certain extent arranges and patternizes chaos or on the contrary – gives rise to it.


Tours will be held on April 30 at 18:00 and on May 1 at 14:00 

Buy tickets: https://anna-nova-gallery.timepad.ru/event/1629549/


April 28, 2021
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