Blazar 2022: Moscow, Russia

14 - 18 September 2022 

Anna Nova Gallery presents works by the artist duo Alexandra Gart and Fedor Hiroshige. The booth recreates the north-western resort area, which is a starting point for thinking about the boundaries between nature and culture, city and forest, human and non-human agents.


Both artists in their practice refer to the image of a forest that has been impacted by anthropogenic influence: northern moss and gout bushes coexist with concrete and trampled paths, where one can encounter anthropomorphic mushrooms on their way.


‘And from Shakespeare we remember that forests aren't that firmly fixed in space: sometimes one can take off and start on a journey to elsewhere…’ — say Alexandra and Fedor.  ‘A space that has been displaced is distinct for its instability, disarrayed quivering, fragments playing games (which games?)  paradoxically this lethargic instability becomes a home, a sweet sweet home to multitudes of creatures both sluggish and quick: perhaps our views on unstable spaces are too alarmed and not dry enough, perhaps we don't have enough viewpoints, or points of view, or some materials more fluid.’


A paradoxical synthesis occurs not only in the natural, but also in the cultural landscape: suddenly in the northern forest appear images from eastern spiritual practices, referring to Tibetan, Japanese and Chinese art. This combination of various cultures allows artists to create recognizable, but already post-apocalyptic worlds, where divisions between traditional and artificial lose their status.


Designer furniture partner: Delo Design.

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