Cosmoscow 2019: Moscow, Russia

6 - 8 September 2019 

Anna Nova Gallery presents works by Maria Agureeva, Vlad Kulkov and Egor Kraft at COSMOSCOW International Art Fair.


Objects, video

Vlad Kulkov is best known for his abstract painting, but also works with sculpture. The gallery’s stand will feature bronze sculptures from his new series of experiments 'Transgenesis', where artist puts aside traditional molding. The prototype of the bronze sculpture became objects obtained during the process of transfiguration of boiling wax in the snow of the winter riverbed. They capture the moment of collision of living and non-living matter, reflecting the moment of plastic transition. The process of creating sculptures is is an artistic experiment resembling a ritual, the video documentation of which complements the presented objects.



Objects, video

COSMOSCOW visitors will have an opportunity to see the selected projects by Đ•gor Kraft from his solo exhibiton  Ákkta shown at Anna Nova Gallery in autumn 2022: Content Aware Studies, Kickback, and New Now. Moreover, the stand will showcase artist's new project Chinese Ink, exhibited for the first time this summer at the General Staff Building (Hermitage Museum) as part of Artificial Intelligence and Intercultural Dialogue. In Chinese Ink, the artists turns to the traditional technique of Chinese calligraphy. His interest lies not in image, style or iconography of Chinese calligraphy, but in the behavior of inkstick, a material made of soot and animal glue, when it comes into contact with a special coarse-grained and pre-moistened paper. The artist implemented database of several thousand ink stains to the neural network. The latter used an algorithm to create unique images of stains with e-ink on e- paper. The main task of the project was to trace the system of connections between tradition, technology, time and economic and political processes, as well as their influence on the formation of culture and aesthetics.



Objects, prints

In her new series, Maria turns to the current environmental agenda, exploring the human impact on the nature. The works presented at the fair are based on the problem of man's absorption of nature and his irrational attitude towards  it, which results in climate change and irreversible transformation of ecosystems of national parks. To create the works, Maria used pieces of charred logs left after the fires and bark from the Sequoia National Park in Los Angeles, which she combined with artificial materials: latex, plastic and synthetic fabrics, thus focusing on the balance of natural and artificial materials and their mutual influence.

In addition, Maria Agureeva has become the winner of Ruinart Art Patronat grant to implement her new project Passing at the fair. It includes installation, game performance and video, accompanied by sound art created by Igor Titov. In an attempt to find answers to urgent issues of modern times, the artist will create and destroy art objects in real time, thereby demonstrating the process of rebirth in both philosophical and material terms.