Valery Katsuba b. 1965

I’ve always been interested in the relative immutability of landscapes and their historical events, human destinies, faces. I’m asking my heroes to stop. And they stop in front of the camera like an infinity of time and space, revealing greatness, beauty and fragility

Valery Katsuba’s photographic projects focus on representations of the human body, revealing its aesthetic potential. By depicting the naked, muscular and athletic bodies of athletes, circus artists and ballerinas, the photographer demonstrates that the classical canons of beauty, which have been claimed in ancient art, remain relevant. As an artist Valeria Katsubu is also interested in the intimacy of humans and the space around them. How do we change the way we think about a person, how do we think about their ideal form, how do we change faces and aspirations as places change? And is there some kind of standard that unites us and space? Each of his pictures is an aesthetic of slowdown, revealing the greatness and fragility of eternal beauty.


Artist’s works are in the museum collections of the National Centre of Art and Culture of Georges Pompidou in Paris, the State Russian Museum, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the State Museum of Contemporary Art 2 de Mayo in Madrid, Print Photography Promocion Association of Seoul, Multimedia Art Museum, French National Association of Modern Art.