ZOAS records: Vlad Kulkov, Marya Dmitrieva

20 June - 10 September 2014

In the new joint exhibition the artists Vlad Kulkov and Maria Dmitrieva used aspecific form of representation which expressed itself in the form of the reconstruction of the experimental office of a record company called ZOAS records. The Zoas are the four “living” creatures, first mentioned in the Revelation of John. Later on, William Blake called them the 'Four mighty ones in every man”, they embodyhis “eternal senses”, and their four faces lookin the direction of the four corners of paradise.

For this study, the artists chose desertspace, as the most untouched by the hubbub of civilization, for which they undertook ajourney through the desert of Death Valley (USA). These observations were recorded using eight literary image-observers. So, within this wilderness these sensitive souls interacted with each other through the language of poetry, sound vibrations, and a video diary, revealing themselves in the difference betweent he performance and the variability of the landscape.

Vlad Kulkov, Marya Dmitrieva