Installations by Anna Andrzhievskaia, Alexandra Gart and Mayana Nasybullova in Komarovo

On 16 and 17 July the Voznesensky Centre organizes the festival-promenade with an eventful program

This is the second time the Voznesensky Centre creates a Resort festival-promenade. This year the program includes lectures, performances, book fair and presentations, poetry and music concerts, guided tours and contemporary art exhibitions. More than 80 artists, poets, writers, musicians and scholars will take part in the festival. The organizers emphasize on the relationship between landscape and culture: all events will take place at the House of Rest and Creativity, the Library, on the beach of the Finnish Gulf, in squares, groves and forests of Komarovo.


Site-specific installations by Anna Andrzhievskaia, Aleksandra Gart and Mayana Nasybullova will be exhibitied at the festival.


The full schedule of events is available via the link. Pre-registration is required to attend the festival. 

July 15, 2022
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