Dimension Range: ::vtol::

30 April - 12 June 2021

Dimension Range is the first solo project by ::vtol:: (aka artist Dmitry Morozov) in St. Petersburg, showcasing the imaginative and research exercises of the artist in the recent years.


Dimension Range – this word play appeared while the artist was looking for the most comprehensive and poetic way to describe an array of images, methods, and subjects he uses in his work. This creative range is by no means a framework, a scale or a specter – it is a flexible and inconstant value that embodies increasingly more dimensions every year.


Almost every of the works exhibited measures (dimensions) things – like itself, its environment, a meteorite’s temperature or human biological parameters. At the same time, these objects create a dimension of their own – in space and in time. Sometimes, they create a confabulated narration. On other occasions, the dimension becomes an abstract kinetic or audio action, which to a certain extent arranges and patternizes chaos or on the contrary – gives rise to it.


The exhibition includes 16 well selected projects by the artist that provide the most vivid insights into various trends and methods of his work. 4 pieces have been specially made for the exhibition and will be showcased for the first time. At the 1st floor of the Gallery, you will find the Geological Trilogy – an art research introducing the audience to three peculiar natural and man-caused global scale events that took place within the CIS at various times.