Small Forms: Group exhibition

18 September - 1 October 2015

Contemporary art gallery  Anna Nova is pleased to present a new exhibition project - "Small forms". The space of the gallery will become a sort of showroom, where the small format  works of the gallery artists will be presented - graphics, photographs, watercolors and pastels on paper. These works are kept in in the gallery's fund and often remain hidden from the eyes of the viewer. Such works are rarely shown at exhibitions, though they are of a particular interest.

The exhibited works were created specifically for the website of an online shop selling affordable contemporary art and gifts - The artworks of all the artists selected for the shop are found in museum collections, all the artists are participants of international art events and biennale of contemporary art, but it is still important for them to show their works to the public and give people the opportunity to change their lives through art.

The exhibition will include the works of many artists of the gallery. You will see Boris Koshelokhov's pastels from the "Two highways" series, watercolors of Rostan Tavasiev, graphics of Denis Patrakeev, Andrey Kuzkin, Petr Shvetsov and Alexander Dashevskiy. Finally, there will be the  exhibition of Ivan Plusch's photographs that are based on the acclaimed installation "The process of passing", shown in the Biennale Manifesta10.

Artists: Alexander Dashevsky, Ashot Kosolapov, Boris Koshelokhov, Andrei Kuzkin, Denis Patrakeev, Ivan Plusch, Andrei Rudyev, Maksim Svishёv, Petr Shvetsov, Igor Shuklin, Rostan Tavasiev