Works by ::vtol:: at ITMO's robot exhibition

An exhibition about сyberguarding, transhumanism and manipulators has opened at Sevcabel Port

From 25 June to 10 July the exhibition Robot Care is on view at Sevkabel Port. It presents scenarios of possible interactions between humans, ecosystems and robots through gestures of care and communication. Exoskeletons that increase muscle strength, a robot wing that repeats the movement of an arm, and a robot church lady who puts candles in an altar candle holder — all are side by side at the exhibition. 


The project is the result of a collaboration between two ITMO departments: the Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics and the Art&Science Centre.


An impressive part of the exhibition is occupied by a series of works Phase Adventures by media artist Dmitry Morozov (::vtol::). The series was previously featured at the artist's solo exhibition Dimension Range at the gallery in 2021. Phase Adventures is an imitation of the inner workings of technological devices, the way they think, feel and act. The mechanisms, deliberately dysfunctional, make a kind of movement understandable only to themselves, measuring changes in external conditions: time, sound, temperature, the position of planets, their own state and so on.


The exhibition is located at 40B, Kozhevnaya Liniya Street, Sevkabel Port.

Photo: ITMO News.

June 25, 2022
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