Anna Andrzhievskaia b. 1989

I wish I could draw as effortlessly as drops run down a fogged glass, as stones and earth crumble in a landslide

Anna Andrzievskaia refers to traditional media such as paintings and graphics, as well as to the aesthetics of simple materials such as colored gel pens, pencils, gold markers and copper watercolor. In her paintings Anna creates worlds filled with surreal images resembling colorful dreams or hallucinogenic states. Such visual decisions bring the artist’s works closer to surrealism and its poetry. Her main sources of inspiration are the beauty of natural forms and graphics of video games.


The works of the artist were presented at the III Moscow International Youth Art Biennale and MANIFESTA 10. She is a member of the group «North-7». Her works are in the collections of the Museum of Political History of Russia, Museum of Art of Saint Petersburg, Museum of Modern Art M HKA (Antwerpen), Museum of Modern Art PERMM, Street Art Museum (Saint Petersburg) and private collections.