Alexander Dashevskiy b. 1980

Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg. 



2003 St. Petersburg University for Film and Television

2002 St. Petersburg Repin Academy of Fine Arts



2019 Three heavy craft works, Non-State Non-Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2019 A Pack of Malingerers, Anna Nova Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2016 Unsupported content, ART4 Museum, Moscow, Russia

2016 The fallen and the precipitated, Anna Nova Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2013 Partial Losses, Anna Nova Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2012 Swimming Pool, Keumsan gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2011  New & Recent works, Ten43gallery, New York, USA

2011  Pool. Illusions. Colourblind gallery, Cologne, Germany

2009 Rearview mirror, Youth centre of the State Hermitage Hermitage,  St. Petersburg, Russia

2009 Swimming Pool, Anna Nova Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2008 Die Zelle, Colourblind gallery, Cologne, Germany

2008 Cells, Luda gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

2008 Dibenkorn in Pulkovo, Anna Nova gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2008 Current Mood, gallery 10x15, St. Petersburg, Russia

2006 Women and Utensils, Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg, Russia

2002 Interiors, the Art Centre "Mit’ki of VKhuTeMas", St. Petersburg, Russia

2001 Dry Point, The Art Centre "Mit’ki of VKhuTeMas", St. Petersburg, Russia

2000 The Bolsheviks Avenue, the Art Centre "Mit’ki of VKhuTeMas", St. Petersburg, Russia

1999 Landscapes, The Art Centre‚ "Mit’ki of VKhuTeMas", St. Petersburg, Russia


2020  A wave of dreams, Triumph gallery, Moscow, Russia

2018 Russia. Realism. XXI century, Museum of Fine Arts, Kazan

2018 A tragedy in the corner. Museum Of Moscow, Moscow, Russia

2018 Tradegy in the corner: art-guide to Russia, Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia

2017 New Collection, Cultural Center Gromov, St. Petersburg, Russia

2017 LEXUS Hybrid Art 2017, Lexus Dome, Moscow, Russia

2017 Human interest, Futuro Gallery, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

2017 Art should be not, Tancploshyadka bar, St. Petersburg, Russia

2017 Come back home, Institute of Russian Realist Art, Moscow, Russia

2017 Structures, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2017 Russian Puzzle, New Museum of Modern Art, St. Petersburg, Russia

2016 Current Russia: a habitat, Museum of contemporary history of Russia, Moscow, Russia

2016 PLAYMMOMA: play with contemporary art!, Moscow Museum Of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia

2015 We must cultivate our garden, Anna Nova gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia 

2015 No time, Winzavod Centre of contemporary art, Moscow, Russia 

2015 Overtake and move ahead, Kovcheg-art Gallery, Moscow, Russia 

2014 The devastation of the landscape, Art-Reflex Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia 

2014 The other capital, Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia 

2014 Signal 2014, "Contour" place, St. Petersburg, Russia

2014 The other house, Frants Gallery Space, St. Petersburg, Russia

2014 New Item, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia 

2014 Private Life, Museum of Contemporary Art "Erarta", St. Petersburg, Russia

2014 Saint-Peterburg noir, KultProekt gallery, Moscow, Russia 

2013 Venice biennale (parallel programme, Capital of nowhere exhibition), Venice, Italy

2013 Scores of minimalism, KultProekt Gallery, Moscow, Russia 

2013 Anatomy of Saint-Petersburg, Navicula Artis, St. Petersburg, Russia

2013 Mistakes of youth, Graphic Cabinet, St. Petersburg, Russia

2012 Busan biennale of contemporary art, Busan, South Korea

2011 The Demise of Petersburg, Name gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2011 Modern artists about Russian seasons and Sergei Dyagilev, Anna Nova Gallery,  St. Petersburg, Russia

2011  Art Copenhagen, Korjaamo Galleria, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011  Baltic maalauksia viidesta kaupungista, gallery Karjaamo, Helsinki, Finland

2011 Black and white, PERMM museum, Perm, Russia

2011 The 2nd Biennale "Fencing in art", New Academy of Fine Arts,  St. Petersburg, Russia

2011  Festival of Modern Young Art "Power Field", Cultural Center "Red Banner", St. Petersburg, Russia

2011  New & Recent works, Ten43gallery, New-York, USA

2011 3d Moscow biennale (parallel programme, Moscow Museum of Modern Art), Moscow, Russia

2010 Art Moscow art fair, Moscow, Russia

2010 Message from the future, Popov Communications Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2010 Black and white, Modernariat Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2010 Biennale of Young Art "Art search 2010", Yakutsk, Russia

2010  Nord-Art 2010, Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany

2010  ART-SHOW ZURICH, gallery Art-Consept, Zurich, Switzerland

2009 Rearview mirror, Yoth centre of the State Hermitage,  St. Petersburg, Russia

2009  Piece of art, MMOMA, 3d Moscow Biennale, ММОМА, Moscow, Russia 

2009  Russische Zomer,  Alkmaar, Netherlands

2009 Art without Borders,Exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of Abkhazia, Sukhum, Abkhazia

2009 Russian Beauty, National Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia 

2009 Space of silence, Red Flac Factory, St. Petersburg, Russia

2009 Russians: from Malevich to Kabakov, Ober Gallery, Kent, Ct, USA 

2008 The 11th. Biennale of the Baltic Sea Countries, Kaliningrad, Russia

2008  Die Zelle, Colourblind Gallery, Cologne, Germany 

2008 Graphic art of the Society of Painting and Drawing, Gallery Borey, St.Petersburg, Russia

2008 Intime Tagebücher. Russische Kunst nach der sowjetischen Zeit, Barbarian Art gallery, Zurich, Switzerland 

2008 11th Baltic Sea Biennialle of Graphics, Kaliningrad, Russia

2008 North-South, the Krasnodar Fine Arts Exhibition, Krasnodar, Russia

2008 Kirkenes Plein Air, Grensemuseum, Kirkenes, Norway

2008 The 3rd Session of Young Art Recounting, Manege, St. Petersburg, Russia

2008 Current mood, gallery 10х15, St. Petersburg, Russia

2007 Self Portrait 2007+, Jam Hall gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2007 Society of Lovers of Painting and Drawing, Borey Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2007 Summary Exhibition of the Society of Painting and Drawing, Borey gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2007 The Red Ring of Constructivism, Jam Hall gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2007 About the Railway, the Centre of Book and Graphics, St. Petersburg, Russia

2006 Chance Encounters, Village life gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2006 Kherson Plenar (Lapas Gromadski Smaku) as part of the Society of Lovers of Painting and Drawing, the estate of Prince Mordwinov, Chernya, Russia



2019 RA&AF, Moscow, Russia

2018 COSMOSCOW, Moscow, Russia 

2016 COSMOSCOW, Moscow, Russia

2015 COSMOSCOW, Moscow, Russia

2014 Art14, Stand Anna Nova Gallery, London, England

2013 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

2012 ARCOmadrid, Madrid, Spain

2012 AHAF  Hong Kong, China

2012 ARCO, Anna Nova Gallery,  Madrid, Spain

2011 AHAF Seoul, South Korea

2010 Art Moscow, Moscow, Russia 

2010 Art Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

2010 Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany

2008 ART.FAIR21 Messe für aktuelle Kunst, Expo XXI, Cologne, Germany



2016 Arte Laguna prize, Venice, Italy

2013 Khandinskiy prize, Short list

2011 The Sovereign European Art Prize 

2011 Short list 2011 St. Petersburg avant-garde prize 

2010 Yakutia Biennale of Contemporary Art, First prize