Maksim Svishev b. 1982

For me in my art, it is important that in the viewer wakes up the inner child, who is able to perceive bright light, is able to feel, is able to live. An adult person, in my opinion, loses an ability to live. And I want there to be a feeling of delight and fluttering in the chest of the viewer, a feeling of involvement in our spree

Maxim Svishev works with different techniques and genres of art: painting, graphics, installation and video art. However, in recent years, his creative activity is mainly focused on computer graphics and animation. Svishchev's works are a kind of gameplay with space. The artist creates video and audio content, opening a window to a new reality. Svishchev creates his own patterns and icons, and also uses creative technologies to implement his ideas.


Svishev won the special prize of the French Embassy at the All-Russian competition Innovation in the category New Generation, became the winner of the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize in the category Best Work of Visual Art and shortlisted the Sergey Kuryokhin Award in the Media Object category. His works were presented at exhibitions in Hungary, Brazil, USA, France, Italy, Korea, Russia and in a number of other countries.