Igor Shuklin b. 1987

The art of the avant-garde is a starting point, some sort of heterogeneous poetic mystery, and not a tradition into which I would like to integrate. I cannot treat this art as a museum art, I want to rediscover it and protect it from crude generalizations

In his work, Igor Shuklin uses a variety of media, putting them against each other and exploring their interaction. Inspired by the aesthetics of street art, retro video games and the traditions of the Russian avant-garde, Shuklin follows modernist ideas about creating a new world with the help of art. Also actionism plays an important role in Shuklin's artistic activity. So, in 2011 he was a member of the skype-club of the Moscow actionist Avdey Ter-Oganyan, and then collaborated with the scandalous art group Bombily.


Shuklin several times took part in the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, and his works were also presented in different museums and galleries in England, Poland and Russia. Artist's works are in collections of Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta and others.